Camberwell Islamic Centre (Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria UK) was established to meet the both religious and social needs of large Muslim Community in Camberwell area. The Centre provides invaluable resources to older people and the youths, as a place of religious and social engagement.

Over 15 years ago a group of three men with the same religious ideology were brought together through Allah’s Grace, to form the nucleus of the present day Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria UK (JINUK). It all began back in the spring of 1997 Tajudeen Iginla, Late Lawal Babatunde Martins and Abdul Fatai Babatunde Fashola all of whom were members of the parent body in Nigeria.

In his inauguration address, the then National President of Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria and overseas, late Professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa re-asserted the main principles and practices of the Jama-at which is that Islam is not only a creed to profess but also a way of life to live. He emphasized that it is not belief alone that matters, but also the practice of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

After four years of existence, precisely on the 1st of February, 2001, the Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria UK was granted full charity status with the principal aims being the advancement of Islamic religion.

Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria UK (JINUK) – Camberwell Islamic Centre, caters for a large Muslim Community in Camberwell area with members originating from many ethnicities, such as Nigerians, Arabs, Somalians, Asians, Jamaicans, Sierra Leoneans, Ghanaians to mention but a few.

Furthermore, the history of Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria UK (JINUK) will not be complete without mentioning the important role played in the progress of JINUK by our late Imam Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Balogun , may Almighty Allah grant him Paradise – Amin.

The mosque has become a focal point for the Muslim community/non-Muslims as a place for events such as meetings, lectures, studies, community and educational purposes.

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