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Imam Abdulhakeem Omotoso

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most merciful!

As a matter of fact a mosque (Masjid) is a house designed and built specially for the worship of Allah. It is a place where Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder, united in their admiration for the creator Allah S.W.T.) and uniform in their desires to please Him.


A mosque is more often than not expected to be a haven of serenity and decorum where brothers and sisters of the same faith in Allah exchange mutual understanding on issues, give and accord the due respect for one another. This actually stemmed from the belief that their creed; islam is a religion of tolerance and love.


Muslim entering a mosque at any point in time is expected to throw behind the hustles and bustles of this material world and face Allah (S>W>T>) squarely.


The prayer which he comes in to offer is expected to establish and re-establish his connection with his Lord and Creator.The prostration he observes in the course of the prayer symbolise his complete submission to Allah. The role played by any mosque in the life of a typical Muslim is not one that can be over emphasised.


A prayer offered congregationally in the mosque is 27 times more rewarding than another offered individually, in respective homes.


Heavenly rewards awaiting a donor of a mosque plus the inestimable promise made by Allah for whoever contributes to the finances of the mosque expenses is another viewpoint to prove the supremacy of mosque in the context of Muslim understanding.

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